The essence of the spirit of Vietnam
Spirits at the Cheers distillery are distilled in hand-forged copper stills with direct heating. Was inspired by many of the founders' motorcycle rides through the rough terrain of Vietnam. Seeing the incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, cuisines, and herbs in a 2,000-kilometer-long country, is also distinctly Vietnamese spirituality towards the land.
VODKA Silver Ice
The quintessential that does not require any further introduction. The combination of absolutely pure alcohol C2H5OH 39% and purified spring water 61% is the funda- mental recipe for vodka created by Dmitri Ivanovich Men- deleev, the great Russian chemist and the inventor of vodka
VODKA Lime & Mint
This is an aromatic vodka is deliciously perfect though for countless mixed drinks, and of course, this vodka is perfect for a quick Mojito cocktail. Our perfectly fresh mint and limes are infused into core vodka for a crisp, refreshing taste that is delicious on its own or in a variety of creative cocktails.
VODKA Lemongrass
The taste of lemongrass blended following the traditional Italian technology of gin production, but the basis is not a juniper, these are lemongrass stems. The product itself is a mixture of high quality vodka and Lemongrass essential oils added by steam condensation.
VODKA Ginger & Honey
The combination of bee honey and ginger reveals the body-warming taste of this drink for you. Since ancient times, the healing properties of honey and ginger are also known. Ginger and honey are rich in antioxidants which elevate digestive properties.
LIQUEUR Triple Sec
The most delicious Italian oranges are used in the recipe for this liqueur. For use in cocktails: Cosmopolitan, White lady, B-52, etc. It grown, harvested and lovingly peeled oranges are the base ingredient in this liqueur. Oranges give the sun of the Italian summer, freshness and sweetness.
Signature vibrant liqueur that celebrates the wild warmth and rich culture of Vietnam. Popular Asian fruit. Rich in nuances, sweet and sour and very aromatic. The liqueur, supplemented with notes of vanilla, is an innovation in the wider liqueur family.
Classic Italian Liquor with taste of ainis. Anise flavor is achieved by using the Gin Basket Technology. Star anise and anise root are used as the main blending ingredients. After blending the product and giving it the desired shades of taste, sugar is added to the product to the desired proportion.
Vietnamese blended coffee and Vietnamese cinnamon create the inimitable aroma of this liqueur. Drinks well neat and in cocktails: Black/White Russian, B-52, etc. Roasted and coarsely crushed coffee beans using Italian technology (the type of coffee is secret) infusion of liqueur.
GIN Pink Strawberry
Pink gin with strawberries - delicate and soft. Raises high, and warms the soul. This taste will surprise gin lovers as well as people who do not know gin. The sweetness of strawberry makes the drinks unique in taste.
GIN London Dry
Flagman Signature gin. This gin has 15 different ingredients. Character - tart, baked bun, herbal. The bright bold flavors. This gin is a symbiosis of classic and innovation. Based on classic European gin recipes with a touch of Asian flavor.
GIN Blue Floral
Luxurious notes citrus in silk-smooth, vibrant gin. Mellow aromatic flavor and attractive original blue color. The uniqueness of the technology is the use of a wide variety of citrus fruits, which achieves the refreshing spring taste of gin.
ABSINTHE Green Fairy
Absinthe was created by the Enrio sisters who lived in Switzerland. They were engaged in the production of drugs. An interesting fact - doctors prescribed absinthe to patients as a panacea for all diseases. It soon gained popularity among the people of France, first conquering the high society, and then the lower classes.
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